NIS America has given Trails through Daybreak a confirmed release date. Previously, the Falcom RPG was simply slated for 'summer 2024', but now it's locked in for the 5th July. The title also has a new English trailer, which you can watch above.

In Japan, Trails through Daybreak is known as Kuro no Kiseki — and it first launched for PS4 all the way back in 2021. We're still catching up with the series here in the West — the third title in the Kuro saga is dropping later this year in Japan — but with this release date announcement, we're one step closer to having the massive RPG franchise fully localised.

Right now, Trails through Daybreak has July pretty much all to itself, but we wouldn't be surprised if other games are currently eying up a similar date. Are you looking forward to Trails through Daybreak? Book a trip to Calvard in the comments section below.