This author has long championed TopSpin 4’s realistic take on tennis, and while it’s taken over ten years to get a sequel, we’re ecstatic to see TopSpin 2K25 building on the foundations of its famous predecessor. This gameplay video recaps many of the features we mentioned in our recent preview, but it sprinkles in some footage to add context.

Key to the series is the swing system, which works differently to arcade outings like Virtua Tennis, where you effectively have to charge up your shot. Instead, you need to time it right, and a new meter above your player will help you to do that. Different surfaces will respond uniquely, so on clay you’ll find yourself sliding around the surface, for example.

Each player will have a unique set of animations, so it gives each competitor plenty of personality. The courts, of which all Grand Slams have been meticulously rendered, also have tons of character to them. The video mentions that each in-game season will add more content, including animation packs, so it looks like there’ll be lots to look forward to beyond launch, too.