Physics shooting sensation Squirrel with a Gun is gunning for PS5, with publisher Maximum Entertainment on deck to help developer Dee Dee Creations bring the viral title to consoles.

The blurb teases: “In Squirrel with a Gun, you’ll find yourself starting out as nothing but a rodent with a dream. However, once equipped with one of the many firearms squirrels so often encounter in nature, you’ll use your weapon to take on the agents that are hunting you down. You may be less than a foot tall, but you can wreak havoc with the best of them.”

The twist is that you’re not just using your gun to take out bad guys, but also to navigate the world. Each bullet will come with recoil, which you can use to reach faraway platforms and propel yourself to safety.

“With seven different firearms to collect, RC cars to steal, and mayhem to start, the world is your acorn in Squirrel with a Gun. Cause chaos, forage nuts, interrupt picnics, steal cake, and more to prove you’re one rodent that should not be trifled with,” the summary concludes.