Inspired by the heart-wrenching gameplay of This War of Mine, 11 Bit Studios’ latest effort will put you in a brand-new batch of impossible situations – this time on a faraway planet. Cast as a protagonist named Jan, you’ll need to operate a cutting-edge mobile base – with none of the knowledge or knowhow of how it works. Fortunately, a time-altering substance named Rapidium will enable you to change the past, creating alternate versions of Jan known as The Alters. And yes, that’s also the name of the game.

Okay, so it’s all a bit complicated from a plot perspective, but basically, you’re going to end up with a base populated by clones of yourself, each with their own personality, emotions, and goals. You’ll need to manage your alter egos effectively, as you all work towards a common goal: surviving the harsh conditions you find yourselves in, and looking for a means to escape. The game’s due out later this year, in 2024.