According to new online murmurings, one of Sony's premier PS4 exclusives will soon be announced for its overdue PC port. Ghost of Tsushima has yet to make the jump from console to computers, but it's always been expected the open world action game would join other first-party efforts. If some new hearsay is to be believed, we could get an official announcement very soon indeed.

Xbox Era's Nick Baker, who often claims to have insider information (and did correctly pinpoint many announcements from January's State of Play) has posted about the elusive port on social media:

According to Baker, Sony may speak up about Ghost of Tsushima's PC port as soon as tomorrow, 5th March. Obviously, this isn't much to go on, and we've been unable to find anything supporting the claim. We'd hesitate to put any stock in this, then, but Baker has been right before. We suppose we'll find out tomorrow, either way.

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