RPG Maker is a franchise that's largely steered clear of PlayStation consoles, but that trend is set to change with the release of RPG Maker WITH. Published by NIS America, it's headed to PC and Switch at some point in the autumn / fall, while PS5 and PS4 versions are locked in for 2025.

If you're sat there wondering what RPG Maker even is, the name gives it away. Basically, it's a set of tools and premade assets that you can use to create your own RPG. In that sense, it's a bit like Dreams, but with a very specific focus. The Japanese franchise has been around for decades, but again, it's rarely appeared on consoles — especially here in the West.

The official press release reads: "RPG Maker WITH features more tools and greater accessibility than ever before. The user-friendly interface and intuitive controls make it easy to choose between creating simple or complex assets and functions, so you can dive right in, regardless of skill level."

WITH promises a huge number of premade assets that you can use right off the bat, or you can use the game's customisation tools to make your own stuff. "For the first time ever in a console RPG Maker title, you can even share your assets and unfinished projects," the press release continues.

Do you know of RPG Maker? Would you be interesting in making something through WITH? Start writing some dialogue in the comments section below.