PS5 Pro's Rumoured Spectral Super Resolution Tech Could Be Transformative 1

According to all rumours and reports, Sony is working on its own reconstruction technology similar to DLSS, or Deep Learning Super Sampling. The feature, named PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution according to Insider Gaming, seems like a long-term play by the platform holder, with the first iteration planned for the PS5 Pro.

You’ve probably already seen the specs for the mid-gen refresh, which has led to an internal investigation by the firm after it leaked. But one key feature is the aforementioned PSSR, which will help the upgraded system to achieve 4K resolution at 60fps and 8K resolution at 30fps. Looking ahead to the PS6, it seems the Japanese giant wants to realise 4K at 120fps and 8k at 60fps with this tech.

The idea with reconstruction techniques like this is that games can be rendered at a lower resolutions, reducing computation overheads. The technology then upscales the overall image with no discernible compromises to quality. The idea is that you’re seeing a crisp 4K or 8K image, but the hardware can be pushed in different areas because it’s not having to render those pictures at a full native resolution.

We’re sure more will be shared by Sony once the PS5 Pro is announced, but we can imagine this technology being particularly useful with resource intensive titles, like the upcoming GTA 6, for example. We imagine the platform holder will put together some compelling examples in due course, and we’re looking forward to seeing exactly how it pitches this new platform.