PS4 Is Still Getting Firmware Update Improvements, By the Way 1
Image: Push Square

We suspect the vast majority of our readers will have moved on to the PS5 by now, but there are still millions upon millions of lingering PS4 users around the world. Sony has remained committed to the console, despite it now being over a decade old, and earlier this week it released a brand-new firmware update which actually makes some improvements to the user experience.

We’re not going to overplay these, though, because they are minimal. According to the platform holder’s official website, the new patch will “improve” the messaging system and its “usability on some screens”. The manufacturer has also bundled in its tried-and-true performance and stability enhancements. Standard.

So, there you go – the patch is out now, and in case you missed it, there’s also a new PS5 firmware update available as well.