Tekken 8 Battle Pass

Months after its initial release, Bandai Namco seems hellbent on squeezing as much money as it possibly can from Tekken 8. Not only does the game have seasonal DLC passes — the first is set to offer four additional characters, starting with Eddy next week — but it recently added a microtransaction store, where you can exchange premium currency for cosmetic items.

And now things are about to get even more expensive. Announced during a developer stream, Tekken 8 will be introducing the 'Tekken Fight Pass' with patch 1.03. "During the specified period, players can increase their level by completing daily and weekly missions in online matches, allowing them to obtain various items," reads the official description. It continues: "In the Premium tier, where items are even more luxurious, players can also acquire Tekken Coins, which can be exchanged for various items in the Tekken Shop."

Although the battle pass is tied directly into the aforementioned microtransaction store, this is still a full price release asking for more and more of your money. Going by reactions on social media and sites like Reddit, the announcement hasn't gone down especially well, with players feeling like they're being bled dry by a monetisation model that was never communicated pre-release.

How do you feel about this? Are you at all surprised that Bandai Namco is doing this? Cast a cynical eye over the Tekken Shop in the comments section below.

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