Oft-Forgotten Jak & Daxter Spin-Off The Lost Frontier Soaring to PS5, PS4 via PS Plus Premium 1

Those itching for a new Jak & Daxter probably won’t have their enthusiasm sated by Sony’s emulated PS5 and PS4 re-release of Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier – but it can’t hurt, huh? The game, originally released in 2009 by High Impact Games, was first conceived by Naughty Dog, but due to its focus on Uncharted: Drake’s Fortunate at the time, it handed the project off.

When it eventually released, it generally received muted reviews. While the reception wasn’t bad per se, it never really lived up to the original trilogy, and it actually represents the final release in the franchise thus far. This re-release is likely to be an emulated version of the PSP game, although the title did also deploy on the PS2 originally as well.

As with the vast majority of Sony’s PS Plus Premium ports, you can expect quality of life features like save states, rewind, and video filters – as well as Trophies, which have been a fairly consistent feature in emulated first-party titles since the platform holder introduced this initiative. But will you be going on an another adventure with Jak, Daxter, Keira, and crew? Take off in the comments section below.

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