Baldur's Gate 3 PS5

Larian Studios appears ready to leave the Baldur's Gate franchise behind having released the landmark third instalment, with founder Swen Vicke saying the developer has no plans for any Baldur's Gate 3 DLC and won't be producing a fourth game. His comments were made during a GDC panel earlier today, where it was said the team plans to move away from Dungeons & Dragons entirely for something new, which has been in development at least as of January 2024.

To a certain degree, this lines up with how Larian Studios has treated its past titles. Instead of making expansions, the previous two Divinity: Original Sin games were treated to Enhanced Editions, which brought the titles to PS4. These re-releases were more about improving the base game rather than adding substantial DLC. Given the massive success of Baldur's Gate 3, though, there was some hope more content would be on the way. That's not to be the case.

In August of last year, senior product manager Tom Butler actually suggested Larian Studios would explore the idea of Baldur's Gate 3 expansions after "patching [the game] for a while" and taking "a holiday". He added: "We want to do more. We don't know what yet." It appears that there won't actually be any new content, then.

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