Monster Hunter 20th Anniversary

The good news: Capcom has announced a special Monster Hunter event to celebrate the series' 20th anniversary. Hurrah!

The bad news: Capcom has confirmed that said 20th anniversary event will not feature any new announcements or information on Monster Hunter Wilds. Boo!

It's a bit of a shame since we're all desperate to hear more about Wilds — which was revealed at The Game Awards in December last year — but the publisher obviously has plenty of time to talk about its next big project. After all, it's currently targeting a 2025 release.

Still, initial disappointment aside, this anniversary event could end up being fun for fans of the franchise. It's happening on the 12th March at 8pm JST / 4am PDT / 12pm GMT (yes, it's based on Japan's timezone).

The official Monster Hunter Twitter account reads: "We'll be celebrating 20 years of Monster Hunter, revealing your top 10 monsters of all time and more!"

We're curious as to what "more" is referring to, but the bottom line here is that expectations should probably be kept in check.

Think you'll tune in for this one? Remember all those good monster hunting times in the comments section below.

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