Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier Unearths Another Retro Platinum Trophy for PS5, PS4 1

Sony’s emulation strategy has been fairly consistent adding Trophies to classic first-party titles, and upcoming PSP port Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier will not buck the trend. The game – technically the last mainline entry in Naughty Dog’s platforming series – first launched in 2009, and mixes traditional adventuring with aerial combat. It’s not a classic by any stretch, but it’s enjoyable enough.

And yes, as alluded, it’ll have a Platinum Trophy to unlock. This one actually looks a teeny bit more difficult to obtain than other recent retro re-releases on PS5 and PS4, as you’ll need to collect over 100 Precursor Orbs, for example. There are almost 300 in the game, so it shouldn’t prove too much of a challenge, but it still represents a bigger commitment than other outings.

Elsewhere, you’ll just need to engage with various minigames, upgrade your weapons and aircraft, and beat a number of bosses. The game only takes approximately eight hours to beat, so you shouldn’t have to dedicate too much time to this title in order to unlock your gong. You can find the full list of Trophies through here.

[source psnprofiles.com]