Tower of Fantasy finds itself in a bit of a tough spot. It’s a decent enough PS5 and PS4 gacha, but against the formidable competition of Genshin Impact, it’s always struggled to stand out. Crossovers represent a great way to grab attention, however, and this Evangelion content may be the excuse you’ve been looking for to redownload the free-to-play outing.

Due out on 12th March, heroine Asuka Shikinami Langley will join the playable cast as a Simulacrum, while you’ll be able to recruit servant Pen Pen as a partner. There’ll also be new story content and events all inspired by the source material, with numerous in-game rewards and costumes available for those who participate.

Obviously if you’re a lapsed Tower of Fantasy player, big events like this can provide the necessary incentive to dive back in. Has this trailer worked its magic on you? Get downloading in the comments section below.