HoYoverse's First Honkai Hit Scores Massive Update, But There Are No Plans for PS5 1

As gacha game developer HoYoverse continues its pursuit of world domination, the developer has effectively rebooted its first gacha giga hit, Honkai Impact 3rd. Already over six years old, this wasn’t the first entry in the Honkai franchise, but it was the one that blew up and catapulted the Chinese company into the mainstream. It’s obviously since gone on to build even bigger titles like Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail.

The new update introduces a fresh cast of characters, including a yoyo-wielding combatant named Senadina, as well as all-new locations and a unique storyline. Across Asia, it’s sparked a massive marketing campaign, and we snapped the following photographs around Taipei this weekend:

Honkai Impact 3rd is more closely aligned with Genshin Impact in terms of gameplay, where you largely control a party of three complementary characters, and switch between them to maximise their attack prowess. Once you find the flow, you’ll be able to rack up combos upwards of 500 hits and beyond, which is immensely satisfying.

The new update more closely aligns the campaign with modern HoYoverse outings, as there are relatively large sandbox levels to explore, tons to unlock, and even some customisation options. (For example, you can decorate your dorm room with various pieces of furniture you collect.)

With both Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail already enormously successful on PS5, and Zenless Zone Zero on the way, we contacted HoYoverse to see if it has any plans to port Honkai Impact 3rd as well. Unfortunately, it told us that it has nothing to announce on that front. Given the age of the game, it’s not entirely surprising – although this update would represent a good opportunity to introduce a new audience to the combat-focused outing.