MLB The Show 24 is quietly one of Sony’s most successful series, but with developer San Diego Studio forced to iterate on unforgiving annual cycles, it can be difficult for it to make meaningful improvements year-over-year. This short 60-second trailer provides a crash course on what’s new in the latest game, then, which is out today in early access.

It’s not a massive list, but you’re looking at 400 new animations, with a specific emphasis on defensive gameplay improvements. Road to the Show will feature a new Draft Combine sequence, where you’ll need to impress scouts with your on-field abilities. You’ll also be able to play as a woman for the first time in franchise history, with unique cinematics and MLB Network segments dedicated to that mode.

Elsewhere, Storylines will get a huge expansion this year, with the second season of the interactive documentary-style Negro Leagues, as well as a feature dedicated to Hall of Famer Derek Jeter. And then there are various other improvements to Road to the Show and Franchise mode to round out the overall package.