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Helldivers 2 players can always use more firepower with which to bring Freedom to the ends of the galaxy. Developer Arrowhead Game Studios said that armoured mechs would be added to the game for free soon after launch, and judging by leaked gameplay surfacing on social media sites, it looks like some of that much-needed heavy armour support is currently en route.

IGN corraled a couple of clips, the first of which was revealed by Redditor fozzye18, showing a Helldiver taking a mech with what looks like twin-linked Autocannons for a quick spin. This is crucial because in a second snippet, this time from Redditor Klyka, we see another mech armed with a Gatling Gun and Rockets, which leads us to believe these machines will be available in different Strategem variants.

An extended clip originating from TikTok wistfully wonders if things might have been different at that already legendary charnel house, Malevelon Creek, where the Helldivers community suffered a stunning, humbling defeat at the hands of Socialist Automatons.

When do you think these badly needed mechs will arrive on the battlefield? What armament configurations would you like to see? Pray for a Flamethrower-armed, melee assault variant in the comments. section below

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