Riffmaster Wireless Guitar Controller

Peripheral manufacturer PDP revealed its upcoming Riffmaster Wireless Guitar Controller in February, and it's a pretty slick piece of kit. Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised to see it comes with a fairly hefty price tag: £100, $130, or your local equivalent. Pre-orders for the undeniably appealing plastic instrument are now live, and it will begin taking up space in your living room sometime in April.

PDP Senior Director of Product Marketing Michael Lai enthusiastically announced the news in a press release (thanks, IGN), declaring: "Rhythm-action gaming is experiencing more than a renaissance—it is being redefined! Every aspect of the RIFFMASTER design is informed by PDP's rich heritage in rhythm-based gaming, including a nod to the past with backward compatibility. We cannot wait for fans to have their first jam session!"

It has an apparent battery life of 36 hours from a single charge, an ambidextrous design, a 3.5mm audio jack for jamming out with headphones, and a sleek, ergonomic design. Those extra buttons on the fretboard and a thumbstick behind the head will make you feel like a true rockstar, slamming out solos in Fortnite Festival or Rock Band 4 until the cows come home.

Riffmaster Wireless Guitar Controller 2

Will you be securing a PDP Riffmaster, or have you sworn off musical peripherals for good? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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