Stunning Ukiyo-e Rise of the Ronin Mural Unveiled to Commemorate PS5 Exclusive's Release 1
Image: Push Square

Rise of the Ronin, the latest tentpole PS5 console exclusive from legendary Japanese developer Team Ninja, has been subject to a colossal marketing push in Asia, where posters and billboards have been spotted around cities such as Taipei for several weeks now. That’s all culminated in an Edo period art exhibition in Huashan 1914 Creative Park – coincidentally, the former home of a Japanese sake manufacturer– where Sony has installed several 19th-century props inspired by the game.

We took a trip to the Zhongzheng District to check out the event, where a local artist named Justin unveiled an original ukiyo-e mural inspired by the game. He explained to the audience that he used traditional paints and inks to create the canvas, which is available as a printed poster for those who test out the title on-site through 31st March. Those who provide proof of purchase can also claim a NT$300 (~$9.40) PS Store voucher, while supplies last.

Later in the event, a local influencer named RJ showed off some of the gameplay in period appropriate clothing, which made for a surprisingly serene viewing in the 27-degree sunshine, while surrounded by freshly erected – and presumably fake – blossom trees. There was a large audience of Taiwanese media in attendance to witness the opening of the event, which is expected to attract a significant number of inquisitive players over the coming days.

Despite its former occupation of the island, Japanese culture is extremely popular among Taiwanese people, and it’s no surprise to see Rise of the Ronin’s historical setting being pushed so hard here. Sony rarely ever shies away from promoting its biggest games, and despite the Team Ninja title going head-to-head with the acclaimed Dragon’s Dogma 2, the PS5 exclusive is definitely getting the bigger marketing push in this part of the world.