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Earlier this week, we brought you word of a dangerous paranoia sweeping the ranks of Helldivers 2 players who, perhaps not getting enough sleep, have convinced themselves that operatives of an alien faction known as The Illuminate already walk among us. Well, if that sounds ridiculous, you'd best sit down for this next one: For the first time in recorded history, footage of so-called "flying bugs" has been captured, a rare mutation allowing Super Earth's oldest enemy to take to the skies, presenting Managed Democracy with an all-new threat — from above.

Super Earth High Command recently tasked Helldivers with activating massive Termicide Towers across the galaxy, a mission which was easily accomplished. Citizens have praised the foresight and care with which the benevolent government avoided potentially far worse mutations from occurring through liberal use of the program, which is already being hailed as a resounding success. Helldivers were deployed en masse to the Barrier Planets of Erata Prime, Fenrir III, Meridia, and Turing, dying in their thousands to protect your way of life and to pump out precious Termicide Gas, which we are assured is not capable of causing mutations within Bug populations.

The Ministry of Truth has reiterated that this is the first such confirmed sighting, discounting earlier and unconfirmed reports from insect sympathisers; Independent intergalactic news outlet Strohmann has the exclusive footage. Please be advised viewers who value their freedom and liberty may find the following scenes distressing:

Would you like to know more? Helldivers 2's most recent patch has introduced some entirely new bugs, this time of a technical kind, but thankfully, a fix is on the way. On the sales front, developer Arrowhead has to be happy with the game's financial performance, as Helldivers 2 is currently dominating US and UK sales charts.

Have you ever seen anything that could be considered a flying bug? Describe such incidents in the carefully monitored comments section below without repercussions.

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