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Despite only just getting the eagerly-anticipated Final Fantasy VII Rebirth out the door, Square Enix is already hard at work on the conclusion of the Remake trilogy. And while we wouldn't expect to hear anything substantial for a few years yet, we're already anticipating what comes next, and it seems we aren't alone in these.

In an interview with IGN (thanks PSU), Final Fantasy VII Rebirth game director Naoki Hamaguchi alluded to Rocket Town, a location not featured in Rebirth, and the hometown of FF7's best companion, Cid, who, along with Vincent, will round out the party in the next game:

"So as for Rocket Town, this was also not a part of Nojima-san's original structure…And considering that how we introduce the character, Cid, for the Remake series this time is arranged a bit differently, Nojima-san, Nomura-san and I were all aligned with this decision to consider this for the next title."

It seems like Rocket Town was also cut, at least in part, so that Gongaga could be more fully explored in Rebirth, but rest assured that Rocket Town will get its just desserts in due time: "Considering that in the original, the Gongaga area was optional for the players, we wanted to delve into this and express this more in-depth for Rebirth. And so that was also an additional consideration for this as well."

How's your Final Fantasy VII Rebirth playthrough coming along? Did you make it to Gongaga? Are you excited to visit Rocket Town in the next game and see how this thrilling trilogy ends? Let us know in the comments section below.

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