Dragon's Dogma 2 Slated for Adding Sinister PS5 Microtransactions at Launch 1
Image: Push Square

Dragon’s Dogma 2, by all accounts a sensational RPG, is getting obliterated for adding microtransactions on launch day. These, we must stress, were unavailable to purchase during the review period but were mentioned in a media guide; they’ve since been made available for sale on the release’s launch day. Already it’s prompted a cavalcade of negativity on Steam, where the otherwise critically acclaimed escapade carries a ‘Mostly Negative’ review rating.

The microtransactions are plentiful. Ranging in price from £0.79/$0.99 to £2.49/$2.99, the optional purchases include Rift Crystals, a kind of in-game currency used to hire Pawns and purchase items, and Portcrystals, which can be leveraged to create fast travel points. All of these resources can be obtained in-game, but in some cases they’re rare and limited, which suggests there’s something quite sinister at play here. Why explore when you can just whip out your credit card?

This isn’t the first time Capcom has tried something like this, and we daresay it won’t be the last. Obviously, the cost of making games is increasing, and you don’t need to invest in any of these items to enjoy the outing. But it all seems a bit counter-productive flogging items which are otherwise a limited commodity in-game.

We suspect the publisher may have flown too close to the sun here, because the backlash is already looking like it’s going to be vicious to say the least.

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