Crash Team Rumble Support Winding Down with Final Update Next Week 1

Multiplayer spin-off Crash Team Rumble is an inoffensive and novel game for fans of Activision’s platforming hero, but it seems it doesn't have the player base to keep things moving. Developer Toys for Bob has announced that post-launch support for the game is drawing to a close, with the final update coming next week.

An in-game message states the next update will be Crash Team Rumble's last, arriving on 4th March. "The core game will still be live", the message says, confirming it'll remain online and playable for the foreseeable, so it's not all bad news. Additionally, all players will "have access to a free 500-tier battle pass that includes 104 new items", which is set to include everything from the battle passes from Season 1-3 as well as event rewards. In other words, they're throwing everything onto this final battle pass.

What's more, the game's Crash Coin microtransactions are being turned off, so you won't be able to buy them with real money anymore. If you have Crash Coins on your account already, you can use them "to purchase tier skips for the Battlepass".

So, not the end of the world, then. At least it's staying online for those that want to keep playing, and the team is essentially giving you access to all the goodies, if you're willing to grind the battle pass for them.

It should be noted that, while this could be attributed to a modest player count, it's likely that Toys for Bob's decision to go independent is mainly the cause, given the timing and that it doesn't own the rights to Crash Bandicoot.

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