By and large, Korean developers have a reputation for announcing wildly ambitious MMOs that rarely ever actually materialise. Without sounding too sceptical, we can’t help but wonder whether Chrono Odyssey will fall into that bracket. Due to be published by Kakao Games, this new trailer has been attracting plenty of attention for its stunning dark fantasy vibes – even though there’s zero gameplay or even a target release date.

“Set in a vast and immersive fantasy world, Chrono Odyssey offers players a unique journey through time and space, filled with epic quests, dynamic combat, and intricate storytelling,” the press release reads. “With stunning visuals powered by Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5, robust character customisation, and engaging gameplay mechanics, Chrono Odyssey aims to redefine the MMORPG genre and provide players with unforgettable adventures for years to come.”

As mentioned, there’s no target release date or gameplay, but the title is targeting the PS5. Maybe keep an eye on this one, but don’t expect it to deploy any time soon.