Unicorn Overlord is the visually stunning strategy RPG from developer Vanillaware, which we are confident will be one of the year's best games. You can try it now for free in an incredibly generous demo, with progress transferring to the full game, which releases next week on 8th March. In the meantime, publisher Atlus has released a trailer teaching potential players how the game's complex, real-time battle system works.

Unicorn Overlord combines elements from strategy games and RPGs in a compelling mix, but one which can be pretty overwhelming, at least initially. Players will form characters into units, which are moved around a map in real-time, pausing to issue commands. It gets incredibly granular, with each character's individual positioning within a unit mattering, kind of like Darkest Dungeon (but really like Ogre Battle), and combat plays out automatically, similar to Fire Emblem, and there are Tactics Ogre nods for fans of those excellent games here as well.

What do you think of Unicorn Overlord? Are you happy to spend hours blissfully drilling, optimizing, and leading your forces in battle? Does the addition of real-time make the typically slow strategy genre more appealing? Let us know in the comments section below.

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