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Arthur Morgan actor Roger Clark will narrate an upcoming audiobook called Red Dead's History, written by historian Tore Olsson, which looks at the history of the American West through the lens of Rockstar's masterful Red Dead Redemption series. Clark will narrate the book as the character of Arthur Morgan, which sounds fantastic.

The book will be published by Macmillan in June, with the digital audio version available for those who would rather have the story read aloud to them by a gruff but comforting cowboy. Going by the general rule of thumb that 35-40 pages equates to around an hour of audio, at 288 pages long, expect sevenish hours of Arthur Morganisms like this. IGN spoke to Olsson, who teaches at the University of Tennessee, explaining what it was about the IP that captured his imagination:

"I'm not so much obsessed with this question of accuracy that gets bandied around a lot when you talk about historical video games. I'm more interested in thoughtfulness and how a game tries to capture a period's mood, feeling, range of options, and realities. And I thought the game did a surprisingly good job at that."

Do you like the sound of Red Dead's History, or Clark's voice, for that matter? Spread out and search for supplies - food, water, whiskey - in the comments section below.