Xbox May Need to Familiarise Itself with PS5, PS4's Platinum Trophies 1
Image: Push Square

The first Xbox game has launched on PS5 and PS4: it’s historical adventure Pentiment, from developer Obsidian. By all accounts thus far, it’s a strong port of an exceptionally well-liked game, and we’re looking to bring you a review as quickly as possible. In the meantime, there’s one thing we noticed about the conversion that Microsoft may need to get to grips with moving forwards.

Pentiment’s list of Trophies matches its Xbox Achievements identically, with the same descriptions, titles, and icons. The only difference between the two versions is that PlayStation has 42 Trophies to unlock, while Xbox has 41 Achievements to earn. The difference, of course, is the Platinum Trophy – the silvery-blue gong you obtain when you’ve earned every other trinket in the set.

As it’s not part of the original game, the developer hasn’t even given the Trophy a name, which means it’s listed as placeholder string ‘PlatinumTrophy’. It’s something that’s already sparked amusement among Trophy enthusiast communities. “Not only did they come up with one of the most generic names for the Platinum Trophy, they also managed to f*ck it up,” one fan said.

Obviously, this is an extremely minor oversight in the grand scheme of things, and it could probably be easily rectified with a simple update or patch. We like to think, as it gains more experience with PlayStation development, that Microsoft’s command of the Trophy system will improve – after all, those Platinums are hard to earn, and deserve a more memorable name.