The bizarre PS5 indie game INDIKA is back with a fresh trailer showcasing how the third-person action adventure plays, and it appears just as invitingly strange as its original pitch last year. Playing as a nun with the devil as your companion, you'll go on a journey of self-discovery in 19th-century Russia. Check out the gameplay trailer above.

A PS5 release is scheduled for later in the year, but if you've got a capable PC, there's a demo out now as part of Steam Next Fest.

Developer Odd Meter originally resided in Russia, but publisher 11 Bit Studios helped the team relocate to Kazakhstan, where it's now finishing off production. "Even before our country started the war, we walked a fine line working with topics that can get someone criminal prosecution in Russia," said game director Dmitry Svetlow at the time. "After 24th February [2022], things were complicated even further as staying in Russia became both physically scary and, more importantly, morally difficult, so we decided to leave for another country. Nowadays, it has become especially obvious how relevant the topics raised in our game are."

A portion of the revenue INDIKA generates will be donated to charities aiding the Ukrainian children affected by Russia's invasion of the country. What do you think of the gameplay trailer? Put your thoughts in the comments below.