Tekken 8 Exceeds Bandai Namco's Expectations, Tops 2 Million Sales 1

Bandai Namco’s excellent brawler Tekken 8 is exceeding the publisher’s expectations, and has topped two million units less than three weeks after its release. It took Tekken 7 around two months to achieve the same milestone, meaning this new entry is selling at a much faster pace than its predecessor. Bravo to all involved.

The success is deserved, and we’re huge fans of the game, as noted in our Tekken 8 PS5 review: “Tekken 8 is a modern fighting game masterclass. It doesn't skimp on single player modes, its online offering is robust, and it's a serious visual spectacle. But most importantly, the battles are brilliant; accessible yet deeply technical, and supremely satisfying to be a part of — perhaps more so than ever before.”

[source bandainamco.co.jp]