Square Enix issued an unexpected PS5, PS4 patch for Final Fantasy VII Remake yesterday, which upon close inspection by fans, reveals the final voiceline spoken by Aerith has been changed. Rather than looking up to the sky and explaining "I miss it. The steel sky.", she now remarks: "This sky... I don't like it." You can see the change in the video above. A more literal description of how Aerith is feeling and what she sees up above, fans are trying to work out if the change actually means anything.

With Final Fantasy VII Rebirth right around the corner, Square Enix has also updated the Nibelheim flashback scene in Final Fantasy VII Remake to match what you play in Rebirth. The teenage Tifa now wears a black undershirt as part of her cowboy outfit, meaning the two games now sync up correctly. Officially, the only comment Square Enix has shared on the update is to say it issues "fixes to several bugs" in a Steam post. However, there's clearly more to it than that.

The remade story of Final Fantasy VII will pick up right after the events of PS5, PS4's Remake, with Rebirth launching in two days time. There's not long to wait now until the middle part of the trilogy releases, which we awarded an 8/10 in our Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth PS5 review. "Free from the steel skies of Midgar and its corridor-style design, this direct sequel to 2020's Final Fantasy 7 Remake fully embraces that sense of adventure found in the original Final Fantasy 7, as Cloud Strife and his ragtag group took their first few steps out onto the sprawling world map. Rebirth goes big in terms of scope and scale — but it doesn't always stick the landing."

Do you think the change to Aerith's final voice line actually means anything? Post your thoughts in the comments below.

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