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A sequel to spooky crafting sim Subnautica has surfaced unexpectedly and looks set to begin preparatory test dives in the future. That's according to a recent earnings report from publisher Krafton, which developer Unknown Worlds Entertainment later clarified.

GameWatcher initially reported that the sequel would be out in 2024, citing information provided in Krafton's 2023 financial earnings report, but clarifying information from the developer has since been published. GameWatcher maintains that the document viewed placed the sequel in a 2024 release window, which Unknown Worlds disputes, and said more information would be coming later this year.

Whatever the case, some light was shed on the direction of the next game (which was not officially named). In addition to a dedicated and atmospheric single-player mode, four-player co-op sessions will be possible and entirely optional. It will not be a service game, with no season passes, battle passes, or subscription, likely launching in Early Access like the original.

Did you play the original Subnautica or Below Zero, and did you find the experience as terrifying as we did? Would you be interested in diving into a sequel? Let us know in the comments section below.

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