Sounds Like Naughty Dog's Next Game Won't Be The Last of Us 3 1
Image: Push Square

Naughty Dog recently released Grounded II: Making The Last of Us Part II, a two-hour documentary delving into the creation of the mammoth sequel. Full of in-progress footage and stories from development, It's well worth watching, and you can do so for free on YouTube. In its closing moments, Neil Druckmann says he has a concept for a third game, and while that's exciting, it's very likely the studio will release something else beforehand.

Druckmann's comments suggest a potential The Last of Us 3 currently only exists in his head, which means, if it does get made, it'll be years and years before we see it come to fruition. We know Naughty Dog is currently working on something, though, so it stands to reason we'll see what that something is before another Last of Us comes our way.

When the studio cancelled its multiplayer game The Last of Us Online, it stated it's now working on "more than one ambitious, brand new single player game". If The Last of Us 3 really is just a concept floating around Druckmann's noggin, it could be that we'll actually see at least two other games before it's realised.

There's some ropey rumblings about a potential Uncharted: Drake's Fortune remake, but other than that, your guess as to what the team will conjure up next is as good as ours. We know what it won't be, though.

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