Sorry PvP Fans, Helldivers 2 Will 'Never' Feature Competitive Modes 1

We suppose this shouldn't be a revelatory statement for Arrowhead Game Studios to make, but its recently released co-op shooter, Helldivers 2, will remain a strictly co-op shooter. The PS5 and PC title has been a big hit so far, with overwhelmingly positive reception, selling over a million copies at this point, and reaching record high figures on Steam for PlayStation. Despite that, there's some pushback against the game from those demanding it add competitive, or PvP, modes.

We've seen this sentiment floating around since the game's launch, and now, Arrowhead's CEO has made a firm statement on the matter. Responding on social media to a fan requesting PvP to be added to Helldivers 2, Johan Pilestedt said it'll "never" happen:

The reasoning for the game sticking to co-op (PvE) is primarily related to the potential toxicity that can come with pitting players against each other. "We want an environment that's supportive, fun and where we all are fighting on the same side," Pilestedt says.

So, there you go. Right from the head honcho of the developer, Helldivers 2 will remain a co-op only game. Are you happy Arrowhead is sticking to its guns, or would you have wanted some competitive action down the line? Discuss in the comments section below.