The first season of live support for Skull and Bones, called Raging Tides, is now live, introducing an armada of plague-ridden corsairs led by Pirate Lord Phillipe La Peste for players to contend with. In addition, expect dynamic world changes, new events, legendary rivals, and more ships, weapons and cosmetics to be introduced to Ubisoft's vibrant maritime world over the next 12 weeks, all for free.

Ubisoft released a hefty list of patch notes to accompany the update, so if Skull and Bones has managed to get its devious hooks in, this all arrives at a perfect time. We enjoyed our time with the game, but as we noted in our review, a lack of gameplay variety was one area that could use improvement. The introduction of an entirely new faction, one which must immediately (and explosively) have a knock-on effect on the already volatile sandbox world of Skull and Bones and dynamic new world events, has our interest piqued.

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