Sea of Thieves PS5 PlayStation

In addition to being Rare's first PlayStation game in its incredible 39-year history, Sea of Thieves will require PS5 players to sign up for a Microsoft account to play. Then, progressive players ready to face this brave new world can link their PlayStation and Microsoft accounts (!) in what will undoubtedly be a strange, landmark moment for gamers on both sides of this historical divide.

On the Sea of Thieves PS Store page (thanks PlayStation LifeStyle), it's noted that "Microsoft account registration, acceptance of Microsoft Services Agreement and Privacy Statement required to play". Stephen Totilo, formerly of Axios and now independent, had some additional information on the matter. Once successfully synergised, Sea of Thieves players on PS5 can enable cross-platform friend requests, which is symbolically quite beautiful, along with crew voice chat, proximity voice chat, and progression.

Has this strange new ecosystem we now live in begun to feel more natural to you, with former Xbox exclusive Pentiment already available on PSN? Accept change in the comments section below.

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