Rumour: PC, PS5 Versions of Media Molecule's Dreams Were Allegedly Real, Cancelled 1

Dreams remains a tremendous hub for imaginative players (and is home to some truly excellent creations), but the underplayed PS4 exclusive will, sadly, remain a PS4 exclusive. Outcry from fans about the game's potential were it to be released on more platforms — particularly PC — have been around since the start, but unfortunately, ports to PS5 and beyond never materialised. Now that ongoing development of the PS4 version is over, ports will never happen, but there are now rumblings that they very nearly did.

Lance McDonald, a modder known for getting Bloodborne running at 60 frames-per-second, recently spoke about what he'd heard from connections at Media Molecule. During a Twitch livestream, he claims that Media Molecule "finished the PC port" of Dreams, and the game was also due to get an "enhanced edition for PS5" with support for keyboard and mouse controls as well as ray tracing. McDonald says he knows all this because he "knows a guy that was testing it".

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Unfortunately, this was all cancelled around the same time we heard about staff layoffs at the studio, says McDonald, despite the PC port in particular supposedly being ready to go.

A PS5 and PC port of the game was never officially confirmed, so we have to treat this as a rumour for now. It is, ultimately, just hearsay. However, it seems relatively likely, especially as the studio talked around the idea of bringing Dreams to PC long before it was released.

Media Molecule told us it stopped live support of Dreams because it couldn't find a sustainable path for the game. While it remains active and playable on PS4, it'll sadly never make it to other platforms, despite — apparently — getting very close.

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