Rumour: Call of Duty Games Will Feature Open World Campaigns Starting This Year 1

Word on the street is that future Call of Duty games will expand their single-player offerings with open world campaigns. The first of these will be this year's entry, which is supposedly Black Ops Gulf War.

That's according to Insider Gaming's Tom Henderson, who has heard from sources that the open world-style missions in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will be built upon for subsequent releases. Gulf War will apparently be the first game built with this structure in mind.

Henderson likens the open world gameplay to be similar to Far Cry; you'll be able to utilise vehicles to get around, and even use a fast travel system to move around the maps. His sources also told him that some linear missions will be included, although didn't say how many. The campaign for this year's game is apparently being handled by Raven Software, with Treyarch developing multiplayer and Zombies.

Those same sources have also claimed that there are plans for more Call of Duty games in the future to feature open world campaigns. 2025's entry is said to be adopting this structure for its single-player, too.

We suppose the move makes sense considering those open missions in 2023's MW3. However, this is just one report, so we'll have to wait and see how this year's game shapes up to see if Henderson's claims are right.

Whether true or not, would you like to see an open world Call of Duty game? Discuss in the comments section below.