Rumour: A PS5 Remake of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Is Possibly on the Cards 1
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The eternal churn of online scuttlebutt continues apace, and this time, our old pal Nathan Drake is said to be coming out of retirement. According to XboxEra's Nick Baker and John Clarke, the very first game in the series — Uncharted: Drake's Fortune — might be in the running for a PS5 remake.

Speaking on their podcast, the pair have apparently been told about the project independently from each other. As the discussion continues, it's said that an Uncharted 1 remake was pitched "a number of years ago" and that the new evidence shown to Baker and Clarke suggests "at the very least, it was being strongly considered" to go into production. They stress this doesn't mean it's "100 per cent happening".

So, this is a super murky rumour, as it's not even asserting that the game is definitely coming — just that it might be. Baker in particular has gotten things right before, however, most recently teasing several announcements for last week's State of Play that were all correct.

What's the real likelihood of a Drake's Fortune remake, then? Well, we already have the Nathan Drake Collection on PS4, which is of course backwards compatible on PS5, so the game is already accessible on modern consoles. However, the original game falls short of its sequels in terms of gameplay, so a remake might be a good opportunity to improve it.

This also isn't the first time we've heard about a potential revisit to Uncharted. As noted by PSU, Bloomberg reported that PlayStation's Visual Arts Group was planning a Drake's Fortune remake, but attention was shifted to The Last of Us: Part I instead.

What do you think? Could an Uncharted: Drake's Fortune remake really be on the way? Ride a jet ski into the comments section below.

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