Resistance Retribution's PS5, PS4 Platinum Won't Take Too Much Effort 1
Image: Push Square

Resistance Retribution is one of the retro re-releases we’ve really been looking forward to on PS5 and PS4, ever since it was rated for Sony’s contemporary consoles over a year ago. The game, originally released on PSP, is a really strong third-person shooter – and while its handheld limitations are likely to be on display in this emulated edition, we’d still recommend giving it a run.

You should earn the Platinum Trophy with no trouble at all to be honest, as there are 23 gongs up for grabs, almost all of which relate to unmissable story-related missions. You’ll get a couple of additional trinkets for using different weapons, taking down 50 enemies, and dying for the first time – all of which should come naturally through gameplay.

In other words, all you’ve got to do is beat the game, and you’ll have a brand-new silvery-blue pot to add to your collection. Will you be gunning for these gongs? Let us know in the comments section below.