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Developer Remedy Entertainment has announced it has acquired the full right to the Control IP, something it previously shared with publisher 505 Games. Remedy reportedly paid 17 million euros for the privilege; however, 505 Games will remain publisher throughout 2024 while the transition takes place.

CEO Tero Virtala wrote in a press release that the company will now "consider our options carefully, knowing that Control is considered an attractive franchise by many partners." In addition, Virtala provided a brief update on the other projects currently underway now that Alan Wake 2 is finally out in the wild: "Condor and Control 2 have both progressed well in recent months, and we expect these projects to reach their next development stages during the first half of 2024."

If you didn't know, Condor is the codename given to Remedy's multiplayer game, set in the Control universe. Control 2, obviously the first game's sequel, was revealed late in 2022 after the developer inked a new publishing deal with 505 Games. It seems that somewhere along the way, likely accelerated by recent success, the Finnish game studio was able to chart a different course for the future.

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