Teardown launched last year on PS5, arriving as part of PS Plus Extra's catalogue from day one. The fully destructible sandbox has plenty of explosive potential as standard, but the console version also comes pre-packed with a selection of mods, adding yet more opportunities for glorious chaos. Today — that's 12th February 2024 for you people in the future — Saber Interactive and Tuxedo Labs have introduced another batch of extras to Mod Pack 1, which is free to download.

On top of what is already included in the pack, it now features the following mods:

  • Quilez manipulator by Thomasims — Sort of like a gravity gun, this lets you move objects of any size around as you like, as long as they're detached from the ground.
  • Lightning Ball by Deffcolony and Dzage — This allows you to fire out large, powerful orbs of energy.
  • High Tech Drone by My Cresta — A drone you can freely fly around, complete with a grappling hook.
  • GLARE by KBD2 — This is just a big, badass weapon that lets you melt basically everything.
  • TeaREX by tislericsm — This mod allows you to spawn in a tyrannosaurus rex, complete with its own AI that means it'll try to eat you.
  • Mr.Randoms Vehicles by Mr.Random — A huge selection of vehicles not found in the base game.
  • Destructible robots by DimasVoxel — Waves of enemy robots for you to defeat (or fall victim to).
  • Cliff House by gusono — This map presents you with a large, luxurious house, part of which is held over the edge of a tall cliff.
  • Inverted Pyramid House by gusono — Another unique location for you to devastate, featuring an odd, upside-down pyramid design.
  • Miniature World v1.1 by Spencer Johnson — Embrace your inner kaiju and go crazy on a miniaturised city.
  • French Town by OzJackaroo — This is a cute French town set at the beginning of WW2.

You can see snippets of all these in the trailer above. Again, this is all free for those with Teardown on PS5, so if you're still keen for some destruction, this could be worth a look.

Are you still enjoying Teardown? Will you be messing around with these new mods? Blow up some voxels in the comments section below.