In case you missed the news, Planet Zoo: Console Edition was announced recently, bringing Frontier's acclaimed zoo management sim to PS5 in March 2024. It's just over a month away at this point, and to whet our appetites for zoological pursuits, a gameplay trailer has just been released. Check it out above.

The video shows in-engine footage of the console conversion, with plenty of cuts to raw gameplay. As with Planet Coaster: Console Edition, Planet Zoo will have a UI and controls reconfigured for use with a controller, meaning creating enclosures and keeping your animal park in top condition should be a breeze.

The game features more than 70 animal species, but if you pre-order the game prior to its 26th March launch, you'll get access to a few more. These include the pygmy hippo, Thomsons gazelle, and Komodo dragon.

What do you think of Planet Zoo's console gameplay trailer? Will you be building wildlife parks on PS5? Show your stripes in the comments section below.