Until Then is a gorgeous-looking pixel adventure game set in a world recovering from catastrophe, bringing an emotional adventure to PS5 sometime in 2024. It follows a cast of "achingly familiar characters" using modern technology and social media, where chatting with friends, classmates, and total strangers can have unforeseen effects on the narrative at its core.

Set in a diverse world inspired by the landscape and culture of the Philippines, Until Then certainly looks like an interesting take on the small social media-influenced subgenre of visual novel/adventure games, like Stein's Gate 0. Social posts, emails, webpages, and your in-game smartphone are the tools to discover more about the world around you as you attempt to uncover a hidden truth.

What do you think of Until Then? Does a Phillipines-inspired visual novel with stunning pixel art intrigue you? Let us know, and change the course of your destiny in the comments section below.

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