Pentiment Pegged for PS5 Amid Ongoing Xbox Strategy Shift Rumours 1
Image: Push Square

Microsoft will reveal more about its new business strategy during a podcast later this week, where it’s expected it’ll announce several formerly Xbox exclusive titles for PS5 and Nintendo Switch. The strongest speculation seems to surround Hi-Fi Rush and Sea of Thieves, although others like Starfield and Gears of War are apparently being “considered” by the trillion-dollar tech titan, too.

Now, in a summary of the situation, The Verge has reported that Obsidian’s passion project Pentiment could also make the transition to Sony’s system. The release, set in 1518, attracted generally rave reviews when it first launched back in 2022, and will likely represent another PS5 must-play when it allegedly arrives.

Despite the ongoing speculation, no one seems to know exactly how far Microsoft’s multiplatform plans go, although The Verge speculates that Xbox’s unprecedented growth – accelerated by its unfathomable $69 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard – paired with Game Pass’ stagnating subscriber base has forced it to explore new ways to make money.

All will hopefully be cleared up during Thursday’s podcast, and we’ll of course bring you all of the details as soon as we’re privy to them.