MLB The Show 23 was half annual sports game, half historical documentary – and it looks like San Diego Studio is responding to all the positive feedback from its previous release, and doubling down in MLB The Show 24. Case in point: its extremely unique Collector’s Edition celebrates the voice of black newspapers and writers, who played an important role in documenting the story and stats of the Negro Leagues.

“Without these newspapers and the pioneering baseball writers, the Negro Leagues wouldn’t have survived,” brand strategist Ramone Russell explained on the PS Blog. “They preserved this often-overlooked chapter of American and baseball history. This year’s collector’s edition theme is a tribute to those who helped give a voice to the voiceless.”

The steelbook case is designed to look like an old newspaper, with the words ‘Barrier Breakers’ emblazoned across it. You’ll also get a Limited Edition New Era hat, and a bunch of in-game goodies, as well as dual entitlement to the title on both PS5 and PS4. It’ll cost $124.99 and is available to pre-order now.

In addition, Sony has also announced the MVP Edition and Digital Deluxe Edition versions of the game, which feature the following content and perks:

MLB The Show 24's PS5, PS4 Collector's Edition Is Extremely Unique and Cool 2

As in previous years, the platform holder is committed to donating $1 to The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum for every Collector’s Edition sold, valid through 31st December, 2024. “Donations will help the Museum continue its work, which is dedicated to preserving and celebrating the rich history of African American baseball and its impact on the social advancement of America.”