Crystal Dynamics is moving on from Lara Croft’s sappy origin story and prepping an all-new entry in the Tomb Raider series which will see the iconic heroine return to her more acrobatic origins. And this appears to be our very first look at the character, courtesy of a wallpaper secretly stashed on an all-new Tomb Raider website.

You need to register to unlock the artwork, which is said to unify the look of the original Lara and her rebooted alter-ego. She obviously looks a lot more grounded than the supermodel of the PS1 era, but she’s wearing her customary tank top and wielding her infamous twin-pistols, which is obviously reminiscent of her earlier adventures.

Obviously, this could just be a cool concept, so we’ll need to wait until the new game is formally unveiled before we get confirmation. Following an announcement in late 2022, Amazon Games will publish the next entry in the popular property, which is said to be the “biggest, most expansive Tomb Raider title to date”.