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Musical sensation Lady Gaga, who goes by Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta offstage, has announced some sort of upcoming collaboration thing with Fortnite Festival, to be revealed imminently. More relevant to our particular brand of pedantry, Gaga has also acknowledged a typo made some four years ago, which we think demonstrates her greater understanding of how much money the franchise is worth.

Posted to Twitter, Gaga revealed an ethereal image of her Fortnite self, quoting tweeting a post from 2019 in which the singer enquired of her fans: "What's fortnight". She took the opportunity to spell the game's title correctly this time around, which means we can finally let out that anxious breath we've been holding in ever since.

Gaga will join other mega-stars in making the most of the Fortnite platform. Previously, Travis Scott held a live concert within the constraints of Battle Royale a few years back, and the Weeknd recently debuted the music video for the track "Popular" in Fortnite Festival.

What do you think of this dystopian new future? Are you excited to see your favourite stars take on Fortnite forms? Please keep the noise to a dull roar in the comments section below.