Metaphor: ReFantazio PS5 PS4

Metaphor: ReFantazio is the next huge JRPG from Shin Megami Tensei developer Atlus, and if new PS Store pages are anything to go by, then the game's structure will be like Persona, but in reverse. Wishlist pages for the title in Japan and Asia claim you'll "go on quests, dungeon dive, and hunt for treasures by day". Then, during the night, you will "strengthen relationships, build bonds, & increase virtues".

Since all the Persona games follow a group of high school students, the series is generally structured around attending classes during the day and fighting demons in dungeons at night. As a new fantasy IP, Metaphor: ReFantazio doesn't need to subscribe to that structure, so instead you'll be taking part in fights with the sun still in the sky and then dealing with social links once it sets.

The PS Store description then continues: "Ride your 'gauntlet runner' to faraway dungeons & towns across an expansive world. Discover beautiful landscapes  accompanied by captivating music, immersive UI, & anime cutscenes." Finally, it teases a "mysterious & exciting story" about people "fighting their own anxiety. Join the high-stakes Royal Tournament that promises hours of captivating exploration and discovery."

Metaphor: ReFantazio is slated to launch for PS5, PS4 later this year. Do you like this change in structure? Share all your thoughts in the comments below.