Jim Carrey Will Once Again Don the Moustache of Dr. Robotnik in Third Sonic Movie 1
Image: Paramount Pictures

In case you'd forgotten, Sonic the Hedgehog 3 — the movie, not the game — is due to release this year. Picking up the story after the second film, which brought Knuckles to the party, the third entry has teased the introduction of Shadow the Hedgehog. However, he won't be the only antagonist for Sonic and pals to deal with, as Dr. Robotnik will also be back.

As reported by Variety, Jim Carrey is now confirmed to be returning to the role of Robotnik. The news comes alongside a short teaser for the film, featuring a familiar-looking logo and a sinister chuckle from Eggman:

In 2022, Carrey announced he was considering retirement from acting, but it seems Paramount has won him back for one more jaunt as the evil genius. Sonic the Hedgehog 3 is hitting theatres on 20th December, 2024, so there's still a while before we see him back on the big screen, but he'll no doubt be just as entertainingly silly.

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