Helldivers 2 PS5 PlayStation

The latest Helldivers 2 patch, 1.000.10, is now available on PS5, which developer Arrowhead says will address bugs preventing players from spreading glorious democracy across the galaxy. The good news is that it purports to make matchmaking work; the bad is that servers are still absolutely rammed, and while the framework for increased capacity has been introduced, it looks like Helldivers will need to stand firm in the face of adversity for a while longer yet.

Arrowhead head honcho Johan Pilestedt took to Twitter to announce the arrival of the patch. At the time of this writing, the patch has been available for several hours, and we haven't been able to log in successfully once (but did discover a useful use case for the PS Portal in the process).

It's obviously not an ideal situation, but it really does look like the developer is trying to move heaven and earth to keep the chaotic cooperative shooter running. Pilestedt even took the unprecedented step of suggesting players hold off on purchasing the game until the situation improves.

Helldiver's 2 broke another concurrent peak in recent hours, almost cracking 450,000 simultaneous players on PC alone (currently the most played game on Steam), and we have to imagine PlayStation players are putting up similar numbers. An AFK auto-kick feature is also being investigated, which should help root out those undemocratic traitors who are staying logged in for days on end.

Have you managed to log in to Helldivers 2 since the latest PS5 patch went live? If so, does matchmaking work better now? Pray for some relief in the near future in the comments section below.

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